We can help you with your personal issues ​

Complete Counselling is a Professional Social Work Practice and Counselling Service, operating as a private practice in Cairns, at an affordable price, we also offer online counselling to those that are unable to come into the office.

No referral is required with same day or next day appointments available, so anyone can engage this service in a secure and safe environment, where confidentiality is respected and assured.












We can also offer family coaching or assistance with marriage breakdowns to assist with the process and family transition through a difficult time.

The service delivery will respect people's rights to make choices about their own future but require some direction in life.

This practice prides itself on achieving sustainable outcomes for clients, with over a decade of experience to ensure quality service delivery.

For those clients that that may have difficulty in accessing the service in person, we do online service utilising Skype or Face time. Call today for your appointment.


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We assist people who are going through difficult times in their lives and require some direction and assistance, either to cope with everyday life or meet their goals to achieve desired outcomes.

We provide an extensive range of counselling, such as relationship counselling, marriage counselling, abuse or domestic violence issues, personal stress, work related stress, depression counselling or life coaching.

Our social work practice provides a non judgmental approach, advocating or mediation services for those that are not coping or feel that they need assistance with representation. 

Fairview Retreat

1-4 Koppen Tce

Cairns QLD