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We have serviced the local Cairns community for many years and we now have clients all over Australia.

We provide counselling for relationships, couples, family and personal issues and our counselling can assist anyone who feels that they are not coping with their circumstances.

We have unique counselling techniques that can improve you and your relationships exponentially as we specialise in Reality Therapy.


This means that we are not afraid to tackle the difficult issues that are inflicting your relationships and interactions with others.


We pride ourselves on achieving expedient result with our clients which in the long run saves a lot of emotional pain and creates positive outcomes. 

Our service is also budget conscious ​and ensures that clients are not in counselling unnecessarily or longer than they need to be as we follow the self-empowerment model very closely, teaching better ways how to navigate through your own life and improve your interactions with others.

Why engage in counselling?

​Counselling is about education, not advice, to teach individuals how to change their views, opinions and behaviours.

When issues arise, it is never wise to delay things, if they are not addressed then ask yourself why am I not able to resolve this?

Do you find yourself constantly bickering or arguing over minor things, do you feel irritated with your partner or other family members, do you feel not listened to or respected by the people around you and you do not know who to turn to?

Then call us, learn new skills and better communication styles and how to change your own behaviours within social interactions.

People have the tendency to lean on family members and friends for advice or as a sounding board, however, this often result in opinionated and judgemental advice. How often have you said to others ‘that if I was you’ but you are not them, and therefore lack the objectivity and give unwittingly misleading advice. 

It is far better to seek professional help and learn to resolve issues as they come up than letting issues accumulate, which will create an environment where there is a lot of tension making it harder to co-exist and maintain healthy relationships.


We have a right to happiness but also a responsibility to ourselves and significant others to ensure that we can cope with our circumstances and environment that we find ourselves in to ensure ongoing sustainable loving relationships.


How does online counselling work? 


Online Counselling is no different than if you come in person.


It will be conducted through the Skype platform, FaceTime whichever is convenient or possible for you, otherwise over the phone, all from the comfort of your own home.

You will receive exactly the same professional personalised service as if you were in person at our office. The quality and process does not alter either, you will talk to someone with the experience in counselling. 


The process:

The preferred method is to meet with you and your partner at the same time in the first session, the counsellor will then decide how to proceed with any further counselling that might be required, which could be either some individual sessions or continue joined, the whole process is consultative with you as the client.

The first session will be one hour, any further sessions and lengths will be discussed with you in that session once the complexities are assessed by the counsellor.

We take great pride in giving professional and personalised service so please contact our office to arrange a suitable day and time for your appointment, and to organise the preferred communication style and payments options.



​All appointments will need to be paid prior to service delivery, with no exceptions.

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