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Our service - With experience in the counselling industry of over a decade; Complete Counselling offers a quality service where you can trust that the service you are receiving is from someone who has vast experience in the industry but maintains a modern approach.

Professionalism - Conduct is to a high standard of ethics, morals and value systems and firmly advocates for social justice, which is always applied in service delivery. Therefore, respecting the rights of others and always working within the parameters of allowing people to make personal choices and making their own decisions, but also understanding that sometimes people need some assistance in arriving at the right decision.

​We provide a non-judgemental environment that takes into account cultural and individual diversity, respecting, accepting and acknowledging people as individuals for who they are and to assist them in achieving their personal goals to improve their lives.

Our expertise - Acquired through extensive work with dealing with emotional adversity whether it is within the family unit, relationship breakdown or an individual's stress of everyday life. For example requiring assistance with learning to understand and cope with  daily stress, child behavioural management, difficulties in relationships, whether between family members, friends or partners.

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Life is a delicate balancing  act ! 

Understanding - Families and sole parenting family's struggles faced on a day to day basis and the importance of raising a child in an inclusive environment, understanding childhood development issues and that every child has a right to be raised in a positive, safe, caring, loving and nurturing environment.

Specialist's service - Assisting people with child abuse and abuse issues, experience gained over many years in this area, working within social justice principles, the law and associated legislations. Our service recognises that an adult or child's physical and emotional safety is fundamental and acknowledging that any kind of physical, psychological or emotional abuse has a significant impact on a person's well being and the detrimental effects on their ability to cope and thrive.

   - You can be assured that when you access Complete Counselling, your issues will be handled in a professional, sensitive and respectful manner with an aim for a positive and substainable outcome focus.